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47 Ways to Avoid Being Killed by Your Doctor


47 Ways to Avoid Being Killed by Your Doctor

By Dr. Makoto Kondo

Published: Shinsho



How to live a long healthy life without drugs

Those drugs and treatments can shorten lives

Number 1 Best Seller!

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Read and Stop Psychotropic Drugs


Read and Stop Psychotropic Drugs

By Dr. Rokuro Hama

Independent book



Not Recovering from Your Illness?

It Could Be Due to The Drugs You Are Taking…

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The Dark Side of Mental Health


The Dark Side of Mental Health

By Mitsunobu Sato

Published: Kodansha Publishing Company




This is not fiction

Some alarming truths about the dark side of psychiatrists

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Courts of Despair


Courts of Despair

By Hiroshi Segi

Published: Kodansha Publishing Company


Exposing the underbelly of the Supreme Court and its central administration.
Shocking confessions from a former elite judge.

Abandon all hope, ye who enter Japanese courts.
Conspiracy over “legal system reform” by troubled legal profession.



Introduction to Contents

What impression comes to mind when you hear the words courthouse or judge? For your average civilian, one might think they can be a little impersonal but fair, unbiased and upright.

A distinguished judge does things by the book, and though rigid and formal, they are sincere and rational; someone who is not preoccupied with career advancement, but even if they were, a case presided over by such a judge would still be basically fair and credible, wouldn’t it?

However, although unfortunate, the reality in Japan is that most courts and judges are probably nothing like this at all. Judges that civilians may expect to rely on, such as those mentioned above, are nowadays the minority and that percentage continues to decline.

For this minority group of upright judges, there is basically no initiative for them to advance to the upper ranks of the court system. In recent years, executive rankings at the Supreme Court are increasing being held by judges who exercise censorship (domination and control) whilst the liberal and upright minority of judges are gradually being ousted.

A judge of 33 years and distinguished author and scholar uncovers the hidden truths about the corruption in the Japanese court system. Preferential favours for career advancement, politics and jockeying for power, cover-ups, sexual harassment and the list goes on. When seeking justice, perhaps the only thing we can really expect is nothing more than ‘despair’.

See The Japan Times

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English Books


Addiction by Prescription


Addiction by Prescription

One Woman's Triumph and Fight for Change

By Joan Gadsby


January 1, 2005



In 1966, Joan Gadsby's four-year-old son died of a brain tumour. In response, her trusted family physician prescribed a “chemical cocktail” of tranquilizers, sleeping pills and anti-depressants - an act that initiated Gadsby's slow descent into an abyss of unrecognized addiction.

Gadsby has emerged from her addiction to become a tireless advocate for systematic change and accountability in the area of prescribed sedative/hypnotic drugs. She has interviewed thousands - from consumers to doctors to pharmaceutical representatives and government officials as she conducted extensive international research - in her quest to expose the shocking truth of the depth and breadth of addiction by prescription which affects hundreds of thousands of men and women worldwide.

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Worse Than Heroin


Worse Than Heroin

The Word’s Most Difficult Addiction Problem

By E. Robert Mercer




The most pervasive drug problem in the world is not heroin, not crack, not crystal meth, not pot, not any of the illicit drugs. Combined with the brutal nature of its addiction and the time and difficulty involved in withdrawing, a legal classification of drugs is by far the worst. Given their legal status and widespread use, benzodiazepines are secretly taking away the lives of Americans and people in other western cultures as we increasingly turn to pills to heal us. Commonly known as tranquillizers, the effects of these highly addictive prescription drugs are ghastly. Withdrawing from them can be extraordinarily difficult, far beyond description. This is the true story of one man’s journey through dozens of relentless, horrific withdrawal symptoms to renewed health. These drugs are worse than heroin.

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Your Drug May Be Your Problem


Your Drug May Be Your Problem

How And Why To Stop Taking Psychiatric Medications

By M.D. Peter Breggin, M.D. and David Cohen, Ph.D.




Well over ten million Americans are prescribed a psychiatric medication annually, for symptoms as varied as headache and insomnia to depression and various psychiatric disorders. Unbelievably, many of these drugs have not been formally tested to treat the problems for which they have been prescribed. Scientifically documenting the need for an end to this vicious cycle of inadequate approval, mis-medication, and irresponsible inattention to adverse side effects, Breggin and Cohen advocate compassionate and non-toxic therapies, and offer readers a roadmap for sensible, safe withdrawal from psychiatric drugs.Whether the drug is a sleeping pill, tranquilizer, stimulant, antidepressant, mood stabilizer, or antipsychotic, Your Drug May Be Your Problem reveals its documented withdrawal symptoms, demonstrating what many doctors don’t know, understand, or consider: withdrawal symptoms often mimic the symptoms for which a person has been medicated in the first place, a fact that frequently prompts doctors to mistakenly re-medicate their patients at even higher doses. Armed with this essential background information, readers will then be able to choose for themselves when and how to withdraw from psychiatric drugs. Groundbreaking and empowering, Your Drug May Be Your Problem offers readers what they have long sought—a medically and psychologically sound program for freeing themselves from psychiatric drugs, emphasizing throughout the importance for patients to keep control over the withdrawal process.

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Benzo Blues


Benzo Blues

Overcoming Anxiety Without Tranquilizers

By Edward H. Drummond, M.D.

November 1, 1998




Valium. Atvian. Xanax. These benzodiapezines or “benzos” are among the most routinely prescribed medications in our society, used to treat chronic anxiety in millions of people. But these drugs can actually prolong and aggravate anxiety, causing individuals to postpone dealing with core problems and to increasingly rely on addictive medication with extremely debilitating effects. Of the more than 30 million people who take these drugs, more than four million are addicted. Dr. Edward H. Drummond offers hope with a revolutionary program for overcoming chronic anxiety without the use of tranquilizers. His approach flies in the face of established practices, particularly at a time when health care programs offer dwindling support for psychotherapy, preferring the cheaper course of having patients medicate themselves. Certain to inspire controversy, Benzo Blues is the work of a visionary author out to challenge the medical establishment. Its publication will be greeted with enormous interest by the millions of people affected by these powerful drugs, all of whom will find a new way of dealing with a lifelong problem.

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The Xanaxian Report


The Xanaxian Report

By S.K. Torma




Some people say that heroin is the worst drug in the world. Thankfully, they haven’t met Mr. Benzodiazepine. If they ever had the misfortune of meeting him, they would surely change their mind. When you open this book, you will step into a world of “Benzo Hell” caused by Xanax and her sisters. May God bring you back from these pages of a fiery “prescription drug” inferno: mentally sane and physically intact.


“Heartrending...” Professor C. Heather Ashton, DM, FRCP

“A gripping and emotional read...” Ross JM, the Trap Forums Admin

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Website Languages

The primary language of this website is English. Japanese appears as translations only (except for some original court documents).

These translations have been done by many different translators including me. Therefore, there are differences in quality and styles.

Please understand that I am not native Japanese and subsequently there are parts that may sound unnatural in Japanese.


See the latest in Global Benzo News.

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Skeleton in the Closet

It seems the truths about the potential dangers of benzodiazepines are slowly coming out but with so many cases of prescription dependency worldwide there is clearly a long way to go.

Also, in my experience it appears as if dependency to prescription drugs leans toward a subject of taboo – almost as if society is succumbing to it.

However, is keeping these problems locked up in the closet going to help anyone or change anything?

At first it was difficult sharing my case and story online because it necessitated disclosing personal information, however, I felt the need to come out and help raise awareness outweighed this…


What are benzos for again?

The only time I’ve ever needed to visit a psychologist in my life was AFTER (wrongfully) being prescribed benzodiazepines…

Results Speak Volumes!!

I went from being barely able to walk when I was on benzodiazepines to being able to squat 180kgs following abstinence and rehabilitation.

See More

The Ashton Manual

The Ashton Manual contains expert advice on benzodiazepines and how to withdrawal written by world renowned expert Prof. Heather Ashton.

The withdrawal schedules provided in the manual are only intended as "general guides". Each person's experience of withdrawal is unique and the course of withdrawal depends on many factors.

Read The Manual


As someone who has experienced both doctor induced benzo dependency and the effects of the 3-11 disaster, I immediately became concerned about the overprescribing of prescription drugs to the many thousands of people in the disaster areas.

As it happened, I was writing my Supreme Court appeal in the midst of the disaster, so I took this opportunity to try and raise the alarm by including the following passage in my closing comments…

See this Section

Favourite Word "Balance"

Throughout this entire ordeal, I came to realize the importance of “Balance”.

As pressing as the court deadlines were and as demanding as the case was, without maintaining a balance in life including rest, recreation, work, socializing, diet, sleep etc. it would have been impossible to sustain.

However, it was always a razor edge fine line between making progress and maintaining health and balance.

Subsequently, it took a lot of skill and adapting.


Cause for Alarm!

Consider this extract from:

A Review of David Healy's “The Psycho-pharmacologists III” by Professor Heather Ashton

How is it that the pharmaceutical industry has come to dominate the field?

Healy points out that drug companies “are now not simply confined to finding drugs for diseases. They have the power to all but find diseases to suit the drugs they have”.

Pierre Simon (Sanofi Pharmaceuticals) remarks: “In the beginning the pharmaceutical industry was run by chemists.

This was not so bad... Now most of them are run by people with MBAs... people who could be the chief executive of Renault, Volvo or anything.

They don't know anything about drugs.” The problem comes when a chemist presents an interesting drug to the financial analyst, who asks: “What is the market?”

The chemist has to decide for what indication the drug will be developed. If the indication is not there, it must be created.

My Quote

I included the quote in the top left corner of this site because many people thought I was crazy for pursuing my case.

However, my philosophy is we can either choose to do something, or choose to do nothing. The former gives way to hope for many people. The latter…? Whichever way, it’s all in our hands…

The purpose of this site does not include any form of retribution.
Also, for privacy reasons the defendants’ names along with certain other names have been omitted from all public documentation contained herein.
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Due to the campaigning that I’ve been doing, and the damages that I’ve suffered, things have become very difficult. Therefore, any contributions are most welcome. Please click here for bank details. Thank you!